The MuseumDepotShop is an online platform for the sale of museum objects. These objects originate from the depots of the participating museums. Before museums can proceed with selling these objects, each article is vetted to ensure that there are no legal, ethical, or other objections to sell these items to individuals and companies.

The Foundation aims to:

  1. Bestow museum objects with a second life through storytelling.
  2. Bring the museum into your home.
  3. Support museums in deaccessioning their collection, financially as well as logistically.

The MuseumDepotShop Foundation is the organisation which handles the process of the sale, from the transport from the museum to the photography, descriptive text and final fulfillment. At the museum’s choice, the objects may remain at the museum’s facility whereby the museum also takes care of the delivery of the object to the buyer.

Our team

The Foundation MuseumDepotShop is an initiative by Art & facts corporation as a natural extension of the services which Art & facts provides for the museum world. In addition to all logistic activities, such as transport, climatised storage, and digitisation, Art & facts is also involved in supporting museums in the process of deaccessioning objects. This service is carried out by a variety of museum specialists. Since deaccessioning is an increasingly high priority among museums, we have incorporated the MuseumDepotShop in a non-profit foundation, whereby all revenue after costs are paid back to the museum sector to further to process of de-accessioning.

The people behind the MuseumDepotShop Foundation are Arjen Pels Rijcken and Jeroen Harinck, both experienced entrepreneurs with a affinity for art, culture, and education, and Alexandra Van Strien, project manager with the Foundation and an experienced growth marketeer.

Arjen Pels Rijcken directeur Stichting MuseumDepotShop Jeroen Harinck directeur Stichting MuseumDepotShop Alexandra van Strien projectleider Stichting MuseumDepotShop